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Things To Know About Red Oak Wood


Oak is a hardwood species that is popular in the United States. There are two main categories into which oak is classified namely white oak and red oak. The oak wood is commonly used for making furniture and art pieces. The red oak is preferred mostly for making bathroom and kitchen cabinets, tables, contract furniture, bedroom and dining room furniture. They have also been used to make moldings,doors, and trim pushes.


Red oak is heavy, stiff, hard and has very high shock resistance and that explains why it is also used as a flooring material. There are many other uses of red oak which include making of plywood, interior joinery, decorative veneers, millwork, paneling, caskets, coffins, crates, woodenware and agricultural implements. Red oak is more permeable than the white oak which means they are better treated with preservatives than other types of oak wood. Be sure to learn here!


Red oaks are distinctively orange with a coarse texture and larger open pores. They also have small rays when compared to the white oaks. Where the red oak grows affects its properties. For instance, the red oaks from northern climates are more dense and tighter-grained as compared to those that grow in the warmer southern climates. In the warmer southern climates, wood grows faster which makes them less dense due to the weather. Red oak can easily be stained to obtain attractive finishes. The early wood is often considered more porous than the red oak summer wood which means it takes more stain.


The red and white oak will appear very similar when they are finished because of their large pores. Red oak is not toxic however it emits a pungent smell that could be obnoxious because they have high tannin content. The oak wood barks are usually used for tanning leather and can be easily steam-bent since it has medium stiffness and bending strength and high crushing capacity. Red oaks are known to dry slowly and demonstrates a higher tendency to split which means greater care should be taken during air and kiln drying. To know more about hardwood, you may also visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/wood-flooring/.


The working properties of the red oak usually vary depending on the density of the wood and where it grows. Wood experts recommend the use of carbide-tipped blades and cutter and sharp cutting services. Pre-boring of red oak is preferred for nailing and the red oak finishes well. When looking for red oak wood pieces, find a reputable and established dealer like Baird Brothers.